Grand Slam


This too shall pass.

The medic blinked upon re-entry into normality and had to repeat himself, louder, in order to be heard over the groaning of metal, the rushing of waves and the screams of men. Still dazed by the impact of being reduced to one reality, as if waking from dreams within dreams, he moved forwards three doors. The fourth watertight door was jammed, warped into place by explosive shock, but yielded to exactly the right application of force.

Osterley stopped him before he stepped through.

"What about Newkirk?"

Mornington suppressed a frown at her mundanity, her blindness. Could she not see that important details were slipping under the surface of his memory every passing second? It was clear that she lacked the understanding, the power -

He shook it off with a shudder and breathed deeply before answering.

"You'll have to bring him. We might need to leave expediently."

He cast a meaningful look over her shoulder, where a few glances were being cast their way. Silvertown looked a little out of place, after all.

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The theme of power that corrupts all who wield it continues here. Mornington's ascension (perhaps graduation?) to the small number of diviners who have successfully affected reality appears to have come at a cost, although his compassion appears to have won at this time. The cost and worth of this is not stated.

Operation Grand Slam was a strategic reconnaissance operation conducted by the US Air Force and the Central Intelligence Agency to gather photographic information on key sites relating to the Soviet nuclear weapons programme. It was to be the last of such flights, as it had become known that new weapons were very dangerous to the aircraft used for these missions. Such circumspection was quite warranted, the U2 spy plane was shot down and the pilot Gary Powers was captured. The United States suffered considerable embarassment stemming from an abortive cover-up of the true purpose of the mission, and switched to using satellite photographs.

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Inspired by (sequel to):

Mornington did not need to close his eyes. Rather, there was a superposition of that which would be …

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