The Earth Remembers


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Had it been a year already, since the day Tor stood before his master and all the words turned to ash on his lips? It seemed so much further in the past, and yet he could not say what had taken him so long to arrive here.

The darkness stretched out before him, an emptiness so familiar and so frightening he could almost remember its name. His muscles tensed and his breath quickened, echoing loudly in his ears.

You do not belong here.

He paused, just before the cave. Was the thought his own?

"I don't belong anywhere," his voice came out in a broken whisper.

Not the most inspiring sentiment to start a journey into the underworld.

That thought was definitely one of his. Then again, this was hardly the start-

"Stop wasting time." It came out steadier this time. Not much louder, but loudness didn't count for much when you were talking to yourself.

The night air was cool and quiet as he waited for his body to relax. Had the darkness softened? It looked almost welcoming now. He stepped forward.


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