Senior Crown


This too shall pass.

Mornington did not need to close his eyes. Rather, there was a superposition of that which would be over that which merely was. Descending under erratic control, he fumbled with infinite possibility and finite perception. His exhalations slowed, turned to white mist and eventually ceased altogether.

Mornington did not see with blinding sight. Rather, his periphereality filled with futures both certain and remote: he fanned and discarded them with a card player's serious assessment of probability. The medallion in his pocket vanished and reappeared repeatedly.

Mornington did not stumble when a torpedo lifted the entire mass of Indomitable and blasted a hole in the port boiler room. He moved as one in a dream, knowing that a steel beam was very likely to crash down where he was, but also that two steps to the right would take him out of its path in all probable scenarios.

Water was swirling around his feet when he snapped back into ordinary reality.

"Two decks down. Time is short."

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In "Husky" #42411, we initial indications that Mornington's use of divination has different and perceptible impacts on his local reality. This theme continues. Whether this is related to his need to remain in the prophetic state for longer in order to establish a reading of the desired accuracy, a general lack of control within that field of magic, or something else entirely is not stated.

The medallions of the Veil are first mentioned in "Bluecoat" #42277 and seem to have a loose relationship with reality.

During the invasion of Sicily (the real Operation Husky), HMS Indomitable did actually sustain a torpedo strike from an enemy torpedo bomber. Mornington's reaction to it is typical of a divination caster under such scenarios.

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Senior Crown was the code name for the project to develop an advanced strategic reconnaissance aircraft that would be used to take high-resolution images of extremely sensitive sites within the USSR during the Cold War. Such an aircraft would need to be fly at considerable altitude and speed to evade enemy action.

The mantle was eventually taken up by the SR-71 "Blackbird", which set a record for the world's fastest air-breathing manned aircraft in 1976 that stands to this day. The author notes the link between a project intended to peer into the unknown depths of another nation's territor and Mornington's interest in hidden knowledge of the present and future.

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Inspired by (sequel to):

The rippling shockwaves and blinding detonations battering at their senses were in turn briefly over…

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