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I am one of the original Ficletters, way back when Ficlets was on AOL.

Then when there was no where to go, I headed of to Protagonize, nice community, but I couldn't get in the swing of things over there, and then all of a sudden, there was an announcement that a baby Ficlets, Ficly, was born! We were there for a good many years, but alas, some good things must come to an end...

Then, a nice fellow, started Ficlatte. THANK GOODNESS!!

I appreciate the hard work that was put into starting this site here - hopefully that will stay longer than the other two sites.

I am Brebelles,{LoA} League of Awesomeness - Saint Smiley. ^.^

I usually write poetry, but I do spin out the occasional story here and there.

My poetry began back in 2006/2007, mostly 2007 when a very dear friend had passed. I was young, she was close to my heart and I needed to get my feelings out... some way some how.

I love constructive criticism, so please comment, comment, comment!

“You seem off,

Is everything okay?”

“Yea I’m fine,

I just need to pray.”

“Are you sure?

I’m here to talk...”

“Yes, uh, of course..

There’s no need to balk.”


I should be worried....right?

I shouldn’t just let them be.

Because it’s the middle of the night,

I shouldn’t trust their guarantee.

They’ve been off ... distant almost,

Sometimes here, More often a ghost.

I’m afraid of pushing them away,

Further into their mind,

How can I convey,

That friendship means to be entwined.

I will always have your back,

I’ll be there to supply whatever you lack.


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