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I am one of the original Ficletters, way back when Ficlets was on AOL.

Then when there was no where to go, I headed of to Protagonize, nice community, but I couldn't get in the swing of things over there, and then all of a sudden, there was an announcement that a baby Ficlets, Ficly, was born! We were there for a good many years, but alas, some good things must come to an end...

Then, a nice fellow, started Ficlatte. THANK GOODNESS!!

I appreciate the hard work that was put into starting this site here - hopefully that will stay longer than the other two sites.

I am Brebelles,{LoA} League of Awesomeness - Saint Smiley. ^.^

I usually write poetry, but I do spin out the occasional story here and there.

My poetry began back in 2006/2007, mostly 2007 when a very dear friend had passed. I was young, she was close to my heart and I needed to get my feelings out... some way some how.

I love constructive criticism, so please comment, comment, comment!

Who, What, Where, When & How.

We ask these all the time,

But do YOU know?

Do you, truly?

If you do, turn around...

But if you don’t,

Let me help you think.

Have you ever wanted to float?

Well let me tell you rhythm will tell you what to do.

Stay still, listen and observe

Every wave is from a drop,

A tiny drop,

But the power?

Big enough for a surf that’s huge.

“Don’t stay on shore,

Come on in”

Is what the siren is saying

“Cause it’s warm,

Come on in”

Have you ever wanted to burn?

But not be hurt?

Well let me tell you how.

How to tame a dangerous force.

First you start with an ordinary coal.

Nothing special right?

Well add a flame, Just a little heat.

Eventually it will stop being an abrasive flame,

And become into an ember.

Deep, sweltering, secret.

Seems like the least of the fires types.

But no, you would be incorrect.

You can swipe your hand in the flame, feel heat,

But not burn at first.

You get just the flick.

The coal, heated from the core

lay your hand down

Do you not come off with a burn?


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