No Second Thoughts

In Nights Arms

I just don’t have anything good to say anymore. It’s horrible little broken pieces that don’t fit together now.

I just want to run away now

Not even truly angry anymore

Just exhausted and hurt

There's been wounds on both sides, yes

But not once was I malicious

Or intentionally hurtful to you

I tried so hard to be

The person you needed.


The one you said you needed,

A shame you weren't honest with me

That would have saved us both

So much time and pain.

Now, though.

Now I feel ugly again.

One offhand remark because you

Were frustrated and upset

At something I didn't do,

Not even any remorse

That i could see,

I had to cry in front of you for some kind

Of apology, it wasn't worth it.

You may know it was wrong,

But not enough to try and fix it on your own.

And yes, it shouldn't matter that much.

I know.

I cannot fix that I am fragile this way

And you're the only one i needed

To have care with my emotions.

Instead, you shattered my confidence.

Just, broke it. Into pieces, without

A second thought to your words.


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