This too shall pass.

The rippling shockwaves and blinding detonations battering at their senses were in turn briefly overcome by the new and incredible din of piston engines starting up somewhere above. Mornington riffled through his knowledge of the Navy's carriers: this had to be HMS Indomitable, which meant that they were off the coast of Sicily.

They were in amongst the invasion fleet - and if the combat air patrol was engaged, they couldn't be far from the coast. The attack was probably already underway.

He closed his eyes, envying now Newkirk's easy fluency with magic. He had a workmanlike relationship with the immaterial power of healing, perhaps even a certain familiarity - but divination was not a skill he was comfortable with.

The moment rested on his shoulders alone, however, and he was determined to rise to it. The agent of the Veil had given him a few clues to guide him on the way, and that would have to suffice.

His voice dropped a few semitones, and the temperature a few degrees.

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In "Splice" #42409, recoil from naval gunfire is felt. The combination of this, Sea Spitfires in the air and a smaller number of incidental details such as knowing which carriers are in drydock and/or deployed in other theatres is probably sufficient for Mornington to make a good guess at the identity of the ship they are on.

The doctrine of combat air patrol (CAP) is based on the assumption, true at the time, that the planes on an aircraft carrier are its best defence. It became standard practice to keep a small number of fighter planes in the air in order to intercept and destroy enemy planes that would seek to attack and destroy the carrier. The CAP could be scaled up and down flexibly, especially if (as now) also providing air cover to an entire battlegroup.

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As mentioned in "X-Ray" #41643, divination is the art of prophecy and sight. In theory any magic user is capable of it; in practice few dare. Mornington is educated, almost certainly in a formal setting, probably first as a doctor and only then as a magician. Though he could be considered a professional arcanist (see notes from "Helen of Bikini" #41641), it is clear that he lacks entirely the fluent mastery that Newkirk brings to the table. What hints Mornington has been given and how they might be useful is not stated.

In "Hurry" #42046, Newkirk's voice is also described as deepening. Whether this is subconscious imprinted behaviour, a physiological consequence of connecting the human body with mysteries of what is yet to be, or something else entirely is not stated - nor is the reason for the drop in temperature.

Operation Husky was the codename used by Allied forces planning the invasion of Sicily.

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Inspired by (sequel to):

The fading splash cleared, revealing forces locked in combat across land and sea. Mornington saw two…

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