This too shall pass.

In complete silence they walked ahead to a watertight door a short distance ahead, of the type commonly seen on ships. It was worn, textured, maintained - solid graspable reality in stark contrast to every other thing in that unreal world.

Silvertown twisted a centre-mounted ring to unlock it and stepped beyond into a solid wall of seawater spray that soaked her to the skin instantly while the floor rolled underfoot, causing her to reach out and steady herself while she took in her surroundings.

They were at sea, there was no doubt about it. A walkway stretched ahead of them, affording a clear view to their right out onto high waves and a raging battle. Beckton staggered past her to the rail and peered out, ignoring the water that continued to come up at them.

A warm Mediterranean evening was lit by the last gentle rays of dusky sunlight and the blinding flash of cannonfire. Recoil pummelled the deck and shook their bones. A close miss brought a colossal tower of spray up from the already-churning sea.

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Did Hadrian's Veil bring the door to this place? Is it a copy? Does the place give out into the real world at the door? Is it some combination of all of those? Most disconcerting.

We return to the Club Run operation names previous seen in a run from "Hurry" (#42046) to "Perpetual" (#42053). Under the name Operation Splice, 48 Hawker Hurricane fighter aircraft were flown off the carriers HMS Ark Royal and HMS Furious, all arriving safely at Malta.

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Inspired by (sequel to):

Silvertown, keeping a firm grip on her medallion, stepped up to the door and pulled on a handle that…

San Antonio
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