San Antonio


This too shall pass.

Silvertown, keeping a firm grip on her medallion, stepped up to the door and pulled on a handle that wasn't there. Except that it was, and it wasn't - when looked at directly it was there as if unnoticed until then.

Most disconcerting.

She swung the door open and stepped through into what appeared to be utter blackness. Beckton gritted his teeth and went after her, closing his eyes at the last minute when it seemed like the darkness was about to swallow him whole.

Then they were through. Mornington carefully nudged the door closed behind them.

Unreality pervaded the place. It was not cold. Rather, they felt the impression of a deep chill. It was not dark. Rather, they felt the need to stay close to each other.

The least unreal things were the skulls. Skulls of every species and type in vast ranks sloping off into infinity. Their number uncountable, their purpose unexplained. Only a short path ahead of them was unoccupied by the macabre artifacts.

Most disconcerting.

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Hadrian's Veil hides many secrets, it seems. Most disconcerting.

Operation San Antonio preceded Operation Meetinghouse. Large numbers of US Army Air Forces bombers braved high-altitude jet streams and a potent resistance from Japanese interceptor planes in an attempt to destroy an aircraft factory in Tokyo.

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Inspired by (sequel to):

It was enough. Beckton knew what to do and how to get there - or rather, he had a feeling that he wo…

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