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Jim Stitzel

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Malika looked to the holy man.

"What say you, Reliath?" she asked. "Why didn't the greater dead destroy us, as Morduth suggests?"

Orthael thought for several long moments. "I cannot say for sure," he replied. "But perhaps, while the creature is more grounded in the living than in Ashmar at this time, its grasp on the living world is more tenuous than it would have us believe. Yes, it delivered crushing blows to each of us, but perhaps it could not have withstood a prolonged barrage of attacks and chose instead to bluff to make us think it was granting mercy where, in fact, it was simply buying time."

He paused, thinking. "I fear, though, that the longer Malylech goes unchecked in the living world, the stronger the creature will become and the more difficult it will be to banish it back to Ashmar."

"What then can we do?" Malika asked. "I've no desire to be injured this way again. Where can we go to find the answers we seek to destroy Malylech once and for all?"

She looked at Reliath expectantly.


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Hi Jim.

Just a grammar and spelling error to correct

(it's grasp on the living world) apostrophe required in its.

(chose instead to bluff to make us thing it was granting mercy) ... make us think

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Inspired by (sequel to):

Malika barked a derisive laugh. "If by 'grounded' you mean, did it feel more real than the lesser de…


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