Gwen and Bass: The Sound of Silence


Arms, legs, the usual.

I also seem to be running the site.

I may get around to writing some actual stories at some point.

The name given to the ship of Gwen and Bass is The Sound of Silence. In drawing the picture, I took inspiration from the Simon and Garfunkel song, and from the story of Sleepless Domain

The Inner Barrier is from the night that Alchemical met the elevadeer: you can see the glow from Aether's laser blast going off in the background.

The two characters are standing 'neath the halo of a streetlamp: Bass' collar is turned up, as always, against the cold and damp. Along the walls, we have text in Code taken from Bob Dylan (who has been called a modern-day prophet): I'm not sleepy and there is no place I'm going to, which references the Sleepless Domain and Your magic, swirling ship, which references the nature of the drawing.

In the background, above the door, we have a neon sign reading 神様 "Kami-sama". This is a respectful reference to "God" in Japanese. This is the Neon God from the song.

The two characters have taken each others' arms that I might reach you

Maybe, one day, they might.


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This text is a description of a picture I drew for an art game for the Sleepless Domain fan chat server. I'll post a link to the image when it goes live.

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Welcome back, ethel!

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Good to be back. I should commit to writing more stories here. ;)

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