The Divine Spark


This too shall pass.

Orthael was pleased by the turnout. A few parishioners had come to introduce themselves and give their requests before the start, which he had made careful note of. Herrin had done well with the reading, and then he asked the collected faithful to bow their heads in prayer.

In that moment, he noticed two things. First that the swordmaiden was sitting quietly at the back row, and second that one of the candles on the ecumenical arrangement had gone out. He smiled warmly at the former and felt the hairs on his neck rise at the latter.

Those candles were not simply ceremonial, as many thought. Instead, they represented the daily presence and unity of the church. Five master candles were lit every morning during prayers: one at the Chapel of the High Conclave, one in each of the three Halls of the Archangelic Flames and one at the cathedral in Varenne. The High Candle was burning brightly, as was the Limned, Poered and Surled Candles. Varenniel's Candle alone was dark.

What had happened in Varenne Cathedral?

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The Limned Archangel is an older, more formal name for the Archangel of Sparks, as the Poered is for the Archangel of Smoke and Surled for the Archangel of Embers.

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