What Is Known

Jim Stitzel

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Malika reflected back on her battle with the deathless. The lesser of the creatures she was able to cut a wide swath of destruction through, banishing them back to Ashmar with ease. The greater deathless - a Gorgon, according to Morduth - that one still troubled her. She had thought to cut it down with several swift blows, and yet the creature had rebuffed her attack, gravely wounding her. Her fury in the attack should have carried her, she was sure. The blue flames had certainly been high and hot, but it seemed there was more to fighting a greater than mere fury and intent.

"Very well," she admitted. "Where do we begin?"

Why, with what is known, of course. Morduth seemed surprised by the question.

Malika sighed. "And just what do we know?"

Little enough, Morduth admitted, reluctantly. But the holy man may know more or at least be able to pry a starting point from the reeve, who clearly knows more than he tells.

Malika nodded. This was a plan she could work with, and she was eager to begin.

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Inspired by (sequel to):

Anger flared inside Malika, and she failed to noticed the light aura of flame that momentarily erupt…

What Is Unknown

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