What Is Unknown

Jim Stitzel

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Anger flared inside Malika, and she failed to noticed the light aura of flame that momentarily erupted around her hand, even as Morduth lay by her side, untouched.

He is right, Mistress, the sword declared. There is much about my own history that even I have forgotten, such is the length and breadth of the span of my existence.

Malika drew a deep breath, held it, then blew it out slowly. She knew she was presumptive to harbor animosity toward the reeve, as the man had done his best to minister to her physical needs and seemed to hold no grudge against her save for his enigmatic warning.

"What do you mean?" she asked.

I know little of my forging, Morduth replied. I was not bestowed full sentience until sometime later, but I do remember that there were those who feared my existence -- and those who hailed it as a great boon. There are complexities to what I am that even I do not understand, intricacies you will have to work out on your own in order to wield me most effectively -- as we have seen.

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Inspired by (sequel to):

Before she could challenge him, he spoke. Quietly, but firmly.

"Take care with your weapon, swordma…

Beneath What Is

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