Beneath What Is


This too shall pass.

Before she could challenge him, he spoke. Quietly, but firmly.

"Take care with your weapon, swordmaiden. It is more than you know, and less. Much has been forgotten about those that drew it and its kin from the forges, but what survives is enough to trouble the soul."

He left without another word, closing the door softly behind him. Disturbing as it was to see an artefact like that tonight, there were other details that needed his attention. There were far too few guardsmen to man the walls in strength, for instance: he would need to call up some of the townsfolk and organise watches.

Equally importantly, what had become of Thirfalle, the vicar? It was uncharacteristic of the minister to disappear so suddenly. Surely the archbishop did not grant audiences at such short notice.

He paused by the door after taking his cloak and turned back for a large knife to put on his belt. The night was dark, after all.

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