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This too shall pass.

Orthael was glad to see Merall. He was a fine man, and had always run the magistrate's office with a quiet efficiency.

"One of the Greater Dead have slipped the halls of Ashmar along with a Lesser host. We were caught up in it."

"Flame-blessed you must be, to have seen that and lived."

"Surely. Now we seek -"

The swordmaiden crumpled with barely a sigh, falling sideways into one of the guards. He yelped in surprise, but caught her - she was quite gone from the world, asleep or unconscious.

"- shelter. May we trespass upon your hospitality?"

Merall's expression shifted, and he nodded to himself.

"Yes, of course. We can find some rooms for you, and food. I'm sorry that Thirfalle can't meet you, but he has been travelling to seek the bishop's advice. He had planned to be back tonight."

Neither man was prepared to state the obvious about the vicar's fate, so after a long moment Orthael took the swordmaiden's other side and Merall led them towards the town square.

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