Higher Thoughts


This too shall pass.

Judgement was diverted from its biographical investigation by the unfamiliar presence of old magic. Perhaps that was not an accurate description, for the weapon was sure that it had been familiar once, and that in that time the magic had not been old at all. It mixed elements of the natural and the supernatural, as all magic did, but diffused them in coiled liquid foreignness.

It was the work of a long-dead culture that had held a vastly different view of the world.

Judgement decided that this ought to be investigated, and this required its wielder. Reaching for the power of the heavens was difficult, wrapped in its prison of steel, but it was still possible. Judgement discharged a tiny spark of healing up through its grip - up into the man who had been a hero. Who, Flame willing, could still be.

Orthael you are, and Orthael you remain until the Fire claims you or releases you from your duty, it declared quietly. Ashmar has not the power to change this.

Get up.

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