Darkness Withdrawing

Jim Stitzel

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The cold in her shoulder withdrew. Malika hadn't even been aware of it until it was gone, but it eased some of the pain from her injury.

Some of the darkness from the Greater Dead leeched into your body when you struck it, Morduth said. It seeped in my metal, as well, but in sharing your blood with me, I was able to push back that darkness. It's an old magic, older even than me, but it forms a bond between weapon and wielder. The Dead will not be able to harm us like that again.

Malika touched her shoulder again and sucked in air between her teeth. The physical injury remained, but it was less intense. It would still take time to convalesce. She looked to the holy man. Would he know anything about healing? She decided not to bother him. He looked preoccupied.

Instead, Malika took the hem of her shirt, and using her good arm and her teeth, tore a long strip of fabric off, fashioning it into a makeshift sling. She slipped it over her head and across her good shoulder, using it to hold her injured arm up.

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