This too shall pass.

They found the Governor waiting patiently in his office. He was staring out at the gathered crowds, but turned to face them when they came through the doors. Gareth, who had been the Foundry 2 foreman, swore up and down that he had seen a sneer of contempt. Edward, who had surveyed for the now-abandoned work, would later say that he had observed only sadness and regret. The exchange, however, was a matter of record.

"Gentlemen. I see that you have come for me at last."

"If you're reasonable, Governor, we think that we can be too. Come quietly, and we won't make a fuss of it."

He sighed, it coming out as a hiss on the much-used tape. When he chose to speak again, the recorder could barely pick it up over the chanting below.

"I want it to be known, gentlemen, that I did what I had to do. The lies, the discipline... the deaths. On my conscience they fall, God so help me, and heavy do they lie. But I will go to my fate saying to you - one and all - that they were necessary."


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I've been playing a game called Frostpunk, which is a neat little city-building survival game that asks hard questions about what you're prepared to do to survive. Sometimes clumsily, often heavy-handedly, but I've nonetheless been fascinated by the ambiguous morality of those situations, and the storytelling that can be done in that space.

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Jim Stitzel

Jim Stitzel

Sounds fascinating! I'll have to check that one out.

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