Sleep Trials

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October 14

Day five that Brent has woken up ravenous and exhausted. Officially it's day five. It's been at least five days since I noticed a pattern and decided to track it's course. I'm not surprised that he's exhausted. He told me about his dreams and yikes! I preferred the times when he dreamed about ex-girlfriends and the tepid banality of old jobs. Now they are filled with horrific acts of violence. I had never imagined how a man's eyes would bulge while being choked to death but I can visualize it clearly now.

He went to see the family doctor yesterday but Dr. Barrowitz assured him that he was healthy as a horse. In fact he had never seen him so healthy, asking what kind of exercise he'd been getting. Brent hasn't been to the gym since the accident. He says that most days it hurts just to breathe. Last night I watched him ordered three breakfasts at Denny's one right after another! I wonder if he has a tapeworm or something being so hungry all the time.

I'm so scared that something is terribly wrong.


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Jim Stitzel

Jim Stitzel

Oh, something is definitely terribly wrong. But what?

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