Silhouette and Shadow


This too shall pass.

There was a still silence. Orthael exhaled with a still patience, keeping Varenniel's presence with the same careful grip he used with Judgement: firm yet loose, secure without being crushing. It was exhilarating, to wield power that was beyond men.

Enough, whispered Varenniel, it is time.

Malylech stepped out from behind a column with an oddly furtive air for such a powerful being. It was tall, on a level with Varenniel, but it was a gray lifeless thing to the High Angel's fiery glory. Skeletal and withered beneath a tattered filthy cloak, it clawed and clutched as if pleading for mercy while Varenniel's Judgement came slicing down.

Yet it was Varenniel who looked confused when ethereal blade dissipated against unexpectedly physical flesh. The High Angel stepped back, Malylech gave a silent beaked laugh, then Varenniel was gone and the square was dark and still without the angel of the All-Consumer.

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