Reserve and Resolve


This too shall pass.

Orthael was quite content with the part of supporting swordsman. He stayed on her weaker side, ensuring that she could focus her attention on cutting a way through the Lesser Dead. Claws rang against steel; he used his shield more and more, less as a layered martial defense and more to simply push them back. Likewise, though Judgement hungered for blood, Orthael turned its edge more frequently to parrying than cutting - unlike his companion, he did not have a choice of positioning. He could not step out of line to strike, could not give ground to find a gap in the defense nor circle around for a better angle. If he did, he would be derelict in his duty.

He sensed that they were headed for a presence deeper than natural darkness: one of the Greater Dead. Varenniel's presence stood ready, waiting for his moment - as eager for action as Judgement was, which seemed right. Through Orthael's connection to the All-Consuming Fire, the same anticipation leaked through to him.

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