Slaughter and Sacrifice


This too shall pass.

They approached the other side of the clearing and it was Orthael's turn to rein in a jolt of shock. Shrouded in his sole focus on the Fire, he had held only a loose grip on the details of a martial engagement. Instinct and Judgement, rather than conscious thought, had guided his hands.

He looked upon the results now, a similar scale of destruction that Morduth and its wielder had wrought on the Lycans. Orthael would have thought it a tall tale if even a group of warriors had claimed this many kills without loss. But here he was, with scratched and dented armour but no wounds of any kind.

How the Unquenchable Fire blessed, when it willed. Judgement's flame licked a little higher - slowly, hungrily. The paladin raised the blade, feeling Varenniel's will rise with it, and released the High Angel's power to turn the remaining bodies to ash that blew away on a wind that was not there.

It was the least he could do for those that the Church had failed.

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Jim Stitzel

Jim Stitzel

I'm enjoying the pairing between Orthael and Varennial right now.

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