Heartless Resolution


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"Fine." I said, throwing a hand up. "But I hope you know you're late for work now."

I blinked from physical to energy vision. Her body dissociated into colorful veins, except for the block which was a searing white. Everything looked proper, but the glare kept me from getting a clear look.

I wiped my hand across my eyes, extruding smear of energy. The filter resolved the glare so I could make out the pill sized block, and the trickle of energy leaking by it. I laughed as I knelt beside her. Of course it was something simple. I placed my hand over her chest, the block just needed a nudge into place.

Tap. Tap. The block budged. I could feel the power stopped up behind it, and then a disconcerting nothing on the other side. I waved another filter into existence. Inside the chakra's casing I found a gaping void. Where was her heart?

"Where the hell is your heart chakra!"

The block shot like a cork, unleashing the energy. She gripped my wrist with both hands as her body reconnected. I couldn't disengage.

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Jim Stitzel

Jim Stitzel

Whoa. Now there's a nice twist. :)

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Inspired by (sequel to):

And three heartbeats later she was back.

"Impossible," I breathed, my voice barely audible. This sh…


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