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It's been raining for two days straight, and I'm afraid to go out. I've seen what those torrents do to people who venture outside. Cascades of water sweep down the street, and the rain itself is dangerous as hell. I have cabin fever. We all do. But those who succumb to it and try to make a break for it never even make it as far as their cars -- for all the good it would do. The cars themselves are ruins. The tires are sludge, the paint peeled back, the metal and plastic warped beyond recognition. I'm not sure what makes anyone think it would do any good, other than the fact that they're desperate for escape.

But the people -- oh, the people themselves. The horrors of what that rain does to them the moment they step into it. Their skin turns black like soot and growths sprout not only from their exposed skin but from their bodies covered in cloth -- and even plastic sheeting. The rain makes no distinction between the two.

There are human husks wandering the streets now, and it's all this damn rain's fault.


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Ooo, I really like this story! Very interesting way of thinking about it. It also sort of reminds me of a game called Rain World in that the rain is deadly. Only in that case, it's a huge torrential downpour that just, basically crushes anything caught out in it. Still, a really interesting story!

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Jim Stitzel

Jim Stitzel

Thank you!

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Story prompt:

Start your story with "It's been raining for two days straight". Where you take the story after that is up to you.

Raining by PrincessLapis

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