Floral Embrace


I like writing, but I'm not sure if I'm really any good at it yet.

Fiore grabbed her sword's hilt and started silently pulling it from the sheath. She just needed to get this over with. Then she could move on.

The small fawn girl noticed her and ran over. "F-Feeor-- um... Flora! Look what I found!" She smiled and held up a bunch of colorful flowers she'd plucked from the meadow.

Fiore looked her over, and lightly sighed before pushing her sword back into the sheath. Then she smiled and rubbed the small girl's head. "You gathered so many flowers."

The child beamed up at her, and took a step backward along with a small twirl, tossing the flowers into the air. "Aren't they so pretty?" She looked at Fiore, waiting for approval.

Fiore nodded. "Perhaps we could gather some still with their stems and make a crown for you, or put them in your hair."


She nodded again. "Would you like that?"

"I'd love it!"

"Let's go, then."


After more flowers were gathered, Fiore braided the small girl's hair. She didn't understand her fondness for the child, but maybe this was okay.


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In case anyone comes and wonders, the name is pronounced "Fee-or-ay".

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This is charming! Yay!!

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  • 5 out of 5


And honestly the child's not far from right...

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I'm glad you like it! The child is doing her best, really, but Fiore has a sort of hard name.

  • #4333 Posted 2 years ago
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