Over and Over Again


I like writing, but I'm not sure if I'm really any good at it yet.

Lorelis woke up with a start. Ugh, not again. That same dream again.

She rubbed her head before getting up out of bed. She went through the usual routine of getting dressed, eating breakfast, and heading off for a day at school.


She didn't go to school anymore. So why...?

She heard the telltale crash to her left, and spun around. She took a step backwards as the dust and debris cleared to reveal some sort of abomination.

It looked up at her with that ever-present grin. The same grin it had every single time.

It leapt at her, narrowly missing her throat by inches as she dodged to the side, and took off running. She heard it crash into the nearby building, and scramble out of the crumbling debris.

Lorelis darted through alleys, the faint clicking of its claws on the pavement nearly drowned out by the pounding in her ears.

She only slowed when the clicking stopped. Where...?

She gasped and then screamed when the claws pierced her, and woke with a start again.

She sighed. Time to actually start her day.


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Story prompt:

Everyone always says to never beginning a story with the main character waking up, but that's exactly what this prompt is going to ask you to do. Start the story with the protagonist waking up. What they wake up to, however, is all up to the writer.

Waking Up by PrincessLapis

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