A New Beginning


Hi, I'm Nora. I have an unhealthy obsession with magical girls. Most of my content is magical.

"L-- Lori said--"

Layla sighed. "She was wrong. There is at least one known survior. I can only help if you will allow me to, though, Miss Richards."

"Don't think I really--"

"Believe that? You've seen me kill a monster in a single strike and yet you don't believe me?"

"I... fine." Estella huffed.

She transformed in a bright flash of pink and summoned a vine entwined staff. "I call upon the power of life..." She began. Estella didn't remember much of what she said after that. All she remembered was giving it her all with Layla... And waking up on the floor.

"M-- Miss Maelis! Wake up!" Estella hurriedly tried to heal her and pulled out her phone. "Opal. Opal pleease answer..."

Eventually, the reaper answered.


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