Breaking the Cycle


Hi, I'm Nora. I have an unhealthy obsession with magical girls. Most of my content is magical.

Layla marched through the snow, creating deep footprints. She despised this girl. Or-- she did. Everything she did was intentional-- there was no curse forcing her to act. But she was Rosa's friend. Rosa saw something in her. Risked her life for her.

So she'd give her a chance. She tried to turn herself around-- but it would all be for naught if she let this girl suffer and die and take the lives of her new remaining friends. She took a gloved hand out of her coat pocket, letting a single finger glow with a spell. A spell to ensure that she'd be talking to Estella and not some mockery of her. The very same perception filter removal spell she once used on herself.

"Hello, Miss Richards." She stated.

"Y-- you! You're that psycho creep!" Estella startled awake and scrambled up from the tree she was leaning on.

"Please. I can help you. Let me help you."

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