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Hi, I'm Nora. I have an unhealthy obsession with magical girls. Most of my content is magical.

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Gods she hated this. "G--" she struggled to get a word out. Forced to watch, to act, never to speak.

"Run. G-- gods, please run." She managed to rasp, her eyes still red from crying. Her blade was soaked in the blood of whoever her last victim was. She didn't want to ruin another family.

So they did. They ran. They ran like they never had before. They ran and they--

shing A blade ran through her stomach. "This really was too easy. I will admire the effort, though." She slowly pulled the blade out. It hurt. Hurt more than anything she'd ever felt. She collapsed into a ball while her life slowly petered out, blood spilling onto the pavement from her wound.

Ah yes. She could ruin so many lives... And crush the little girl who still thought she could fight for what she believed in all the same. She couldn't quite let her see this, though. If she let her take control now... The girl might actually have a chance aprosuing her. But the best part... Was the fact that she couldn't even be punished for this.


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Robert Quick

Robert Quick

Doubly interesting. It looks like it was villains week. I must not have gotten the memo. I'm moderately confused on whether there is two people or one person fighting her own dark urges or something else.

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Inspired by (prequel to):

"You're afraid of me."

"Afraid? Afraid? No, I'm not afraid of you. I pity you. Pity that you sold t…

  • Published 2 years ago.
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