All That Glitters


I like writing, but I'm not sure if I'm really any good at it yet.

Ruta stepped through the portal and onto one of the scattered little islands. Her golden hair, clothes, and tiara all shimmered with each movement she made. She summoned a golden bow, and pulled back the string, and a golden arrow appeared.

She let it fly into one of the monsters. It howled in pain, and the other monsters turned to look. They saw her.

Ruta grinned. It was funner this way.

She leapt off land fragmens and between a couple of the nearby islands, dodging the monsters in their pursuit of her, and firing arrows one after the other into the creatures. They started to vanish as they sustained too much damage.




One right after the other.

"Even all after me at once, the little white ones are too easy." Ruta stretched, and hopped back to where she'd made the portal before.

Something hit her in the back.

Ruta stumbled and turned around, and shot an arrow right into the creatures face. "I guess I missed one. ... Or two."

A humanoid was standing several feet away. Staring at her.


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Robert Quick

Robert Quick

Hmmmmmm. Some kind of celestial archer shooting . . . demons or souls. It's sort of funny that the oddest part is that she seems to be talking to herself.

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Monsters! But yes, she talks to herself. No idea why. She just does it.

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