The Wrong Season for Frogs

August Rode

A former Ficleteer...

There aren't many frogs out and about now, being late autumn and all. By this point, most have already burrowed into the mud to hibernate for the winter. As the ground around them grows colder, their bodies will eventually freeze into solid blocks of ice but when the warmth of spring thaws the ground, they will be restored to continue their lives.

If you try this same process with a human being, the human will die. So I have been working for years, trying to determine precisely how frogs manage this trick so that it can be applied to humans. The benefits for space travel, for example, are potentially enormous.

I've isolated so many proteins from the tissues and blood of frogs, looking for the combination that will work for us as well. I'm ready to begin a new trial and you're here to help me. I'm going to inject you with my latest serum and then wheel you into that walk-in freezer over there.

There's no use fighting the restraints: they're quite secure. Go ahead and scream if it'll make you feel better.


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Robert Quick

Robert Quick

Very nice. I don't remember you writing horror very often which is too bad because I like this a lot. It flows well and manages to have nice twists.

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August Rode

August Rode

Thanks, Robert. It’s true: I don’t write horror often. Sometimes, however, it seems the only way of turning an observation about the world into a story.

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