How to Exist When You Forget Your Medication

Five Cacti in a Trench Coat

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I was on Ficly under a different name but it's been too long for me to remember what that was...

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Forgot my meds two days in a row now... or was it three? Everything is starting to go sideways, like reality is slipping around on a greasy pan. I can't remember having an episode like this, and it's all moving around so much I'm starting to feel dizzy.

I hear a distant voice in my head, a whispered word I can't quite hear, it's like a memory of a story someone told me once.

My pills are on the table, I reach for them and my hand seems to pass right through the bottle. What are these for anyway? I try to read the bottle but the symbols don't seem like English, they dance around the label taunting me. I think I need to take these pills, I think it's important, but what are they?

I'm holding the bottle now,I don't know how and I can't seem to figure out how that happened. a word surfaces. Stop. the word is clear and echoes through my mind like a broken record. The bottle...I look at it through a winding haze as it fades in and out of reality, I try to hold on, but my hand disappears.


I stop.


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Welcome back! I love the literal take on the word exist in this. It leaves you questioning the entire experience.

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Robert Quick

Robert Quick

Very relatable. There is something interesting going on at the end with the stops but even after three days I can't quite pinpoint what it is. I like it though. I'd like to see more stories by you to get a sense of your style.

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  • Published 1 year ago.
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