Lost Things: 09:30:47


This too shall pass.

I kept my hands to myself and hurried on. I had a reasonably generous timeframe to get what I needed from Case 39 and leave before the window of opportunity closed.

"Sam, is that you?"

I started quite considerably. I had seen other case-seekers today on my way here, but they had been in other times, other Libraries - barely more than ghosts, about as corporeal and significant as a fading dream in the light of morning. Hearing from one was quite the development.

No time to unsling the Lee-Enfield. I yanked my Webley Atomic Ray Gun from a jacket pocket and pulled the hammer back while I rounded the corner to find -

"August? What on Earth are you doing here?"

I looked about, but there were no clear indicators to determine whether I was in August's world or he was in mine. It was clearly the August I knew, though he had clearly seen and done a good few things since we last crossed paths.


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I had no idea I was the narrator! How fun.

In case someone wonders what the described sidearm looks like, I think it looks halfway between the ordinary Webley revolver and something very steampunk with lots of valves and flanges, perhaps like this:


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Inspired by (sequel to):

"What has been lost can be found at Building Grachkin, Floor 60, Row 95, Shelf 7, Case 39 between 9:…

Lost Things: Case 39
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