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I stood squinting up at the main mast. It was clear sailing and I saw Lookout Lenny in the galley. That meant the crow's nest was empty. I checked over my shoulders and gripped the shroud. I always wanted to do this. The crew did it all the time.

I eased one foot onto the rigging and then the other. Hand, hand, foot, foot. It was scarier than I thought; but hanging underneath, facing the sky, I forgot how high I was. No more lubber-hole for me!

"Ay! What're you doin' up there!"

The shouting broke my focus. My foot slipped. The deck spiraled away. I tried to catch myself but more voices joined in. I tumbled deck-ward, dropping on First-mate Bartlett like a sack of potatoes. I scrambled to my feet, drew my sword. The blade wobbled flimsily in the air. The brig wouldn't have me today!

"I thought I told ye to watch her?" The crew froze. A presence as heavy as the ship herself emerged from below deck.

"Captain Grey Beard..." The crew searched for an excuse.

"Papa!" I ran to him and scurried under his beard.


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Robert Quick

Robert Quick

Lots of fun names here and there is something oddly tender about a pirate that cares for his daughter.

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