A Promise of Vengeance

Robert Quick

Where the -@!# did my muse go?

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Story is marked as mature.

I waited for Jack Merlington to witch on the lights before speaking. “I told you I'd be here.”

He stiffened and then chuckled without turning. “To think that I doubted you. You know I sent a dozen men to capture you tonight? You should thank me for trying to save you from that shit hole that you've been hiding in. I can absolutely guarantee better accommodations in one of my cells. Certainly the fare is a step up.” He made a disgusted sound. “And you could shower regularly.”

“Except that it ends with a rope.”

“There is that. But isn't dead dead either way. At least you would have lived long enough to regret attracting my notice. If this was the extent of your plan, why wait?”

“It's an anniversary of sorts.”

“Ah yes. Well no matter who I may have wronged, you can take comfort that you both died on the same day.”

A glow erupted around the thick-waisted mage accompanied by an astringent smell that stung my eyes.

The reddish steel of my Promise blade grew warm in my hand. Please strike true, I prayed.


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Story prompt:

Whatever your story, it must include a promise. One that was kept, or one that was broken. Remembered forever or long forgotten. Any sort of promise will do.

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