Acid Gambit


This too shall pass.

"What happened to them?"

Beckton shrugged.

"It's not known. They disappeared, as they were meant to, in what was then the northern reaches of Roman Britannia," he paused for a moment, "Although the way that Hadrian's Veil came into being at this time suggests that the former became the latter."

He was struck, just then, by the way that magic had managed to hold on to its mysteries. Unlike gunpowder, metallurgy and countless other fields of study, magic had not been tamed or mastered. A wand was not like a firearm or a locomotive - shackled to human will, manipulated under principles fundamentally conquered and understood. It was a gateway into a realm that despite millenia of work and study remained stubbornly unknown.

Mornington looked troubled and eventually shook his head.

"You'd better get to the point, Beckton. Newkirk does not have forever."

"Hadrian's Veil is quite the aloof and inscrutable organisation, but it is known that they have a method of navigable long-distance travel."

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Operation Acid Gambit was an American operation executed by the United States Army Delta Force to extract an American national who was being held in a Panamanian prison for covert operations allegedly carried out on behalf of the Central Intelligence Agency.

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