Unconditional Love Transcendance

ElshaHawk LoA

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In the white room, you are there. The light here should be blinding, but we can see so much. We can see our imperfections and we love them. They are what make us recognizable and relatable. In fact, I know how to heal your hurts and where you have darkness, I have light in perfect harmony. We fit together like a puzzle.

I know you and you know me from the inside out. Most of all, you love me from the inside out and I find myself in this indescribable awe and perfect love of your very soul. It transcends physical attraction, carnal urges, and logic, yet it is logical, as if the divine had MEANT for this to be the truth of us.

It puts everything into perspective. I can love you, him, them, and it all works. Not in some sort of giant free love orgy, but in the way of what some call Agape, or unconditional love. When you love unconditionally the human race, your family, your husband and wife, your best friend, it all makes sense that you have feelings your human body doesn't know what to do with. It's okay.


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