Worth It?

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I drove 3 hours to find your boat pushing barges up the mighty Mississippi. You were not supposed to be on your phone, but you coordinated with me your location so I could stand on the bridge and wave.

The moment you passed, I smiled and waved like a madwoman. Your crew thought I was nuts, but you'd told them what was going on. They honked at me and waved back. You smiled so big.

Then the motors carried you past and I watched your tug push upstream until you rounded a bend and were gone. I made it back to my car before any police noticed and drove myself back home.

I wished you could have jumped off the boat and ridden home with me. I wanted to tell you stories and sing to the radio. You're not mine to have, not even if you were off work. I'm sure you'd love to visit, too, and we'd have a great time, but you'd get this longing for home that I couldn't provide. My heart would start to break and I'd have to let you go.

So was the drive worth it?


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