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At the end of our speech we took questions.

"Why aren't you two a couple?"

"Have you slept together?"

These questions popped up often from giggling fans dared to ask, or brave souls wanting some drama.

This time I was ready.

"Run the bonus material!" I called into the mic.

A slideshow came up titled, "Why We Are Not A Couple"

Slide number 1 says "Not Southern Enough". I explain that I know NOTHING of the subtle nuances in the culture of the Deep South and make a fool of myself every time and need pulled aside to have something explained like a 5 year old.

Slide 2 says "NO Vices". I explain that I'm an angel to his devil. I don't smoke or drink or party.

Slide 3 says "Ugly" I follow up with photos of his wife, who is pretty. I explain that I'm too ugly for him.

Slide 4 says "Married" and the last argument is that we've never been single at the same time.

My cohort was appalled.

"What. Was. That?"


"It's not even true!"

"Which part?"

"You're beautiful on the inside."

"Doesn't count."


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Oh! The catharsis! Who has not wished they could pull up a slide show when ever they are asked a question they've been asked a million times.

One of the best parts of this though is we have no clue who this person is. Just that they have fans, or people who are interested. It makes it so easy to slip yourself into her shoes.

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