Never Quit, Just Changed Format

ElshaHawk LoA

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It had been fourteen days five months and one year since her last Ficlatté. She'd nearly forgotten how to write one. Most pieces she had been writing were Tweet length, capturing and enrapturing a new audience. Then there was the collection of short stories she was nearly finished with, the myriad of entries to magazines, and the blog posts, she never quit writing, just changed format.

She'd also moved houses. This new office housed the same computer, but the environment was different. It was in the process of becoming homey and inviting, piles of items to be sorted amidst decorated sections.

Yet something felt like home. Here was a shadow of her past, one warm and safe. Reading back she could already see growth. Here was opportunity to begin anew as well. She could continue to vent, to impress, and to practice. It's a new chapter. When change seems slow, look back a year, five months, and fourteen days.


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