Package Delivery


I'm just this guy, you know?

To expand on that, I am also the following...

- A former ficly member who is 38 years old and is schizoaffective (depressive type)

- Into creating languages and fantasy worlds from scratch

- A listener of audiobooks & good tunes

- Always too hard on myself

Package tracking was the best worst part of the purchase process.

I followed it religiously.

Always updating to see where it was.

Always waiting. Always checking. Always waiting.

It would say how many stops away it was but still I would update the page to see. Just to make sure.

It was coming, but I couldn't help but check to see how far away.

Just knowing when it was coming wasn't enough. I had to know. How many stops. One stop, two stops, three stops, I just had to know.

It was closer and closer, every time I would check but I had to keep checking. It was a sickness. I had to check. I had to know.

Two stops. So close. I looked out my window in baited anticipation. I knew it was coming. I knew it would be soon.

One stop. I held my breath. It would soon happen. The delivery of my package I had waited so long for.

I was next. I couldn't believe that I was next. Finally, it would happen. My package would be delivered.

I looked out my window. I saw the truck. Finally.


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