The Man with the Full Cup of Coffee


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Just one more choice and destiny is yours. The universe whispered like she might hear.

When Kimber emerged from the employee lounge she was wearing her apron stocked with straws, stirrers and napkins. She got too many looks with her hair down, but better tips.

"How may I help you?" she asked table four. She brought the man a coffee and floated between the rest of the tables. Customers came and left. Men smiled at her. Women complimented her color, asked what dye she used. Asked how she did her roots. Asked how she kept it from fading. It was hours before she realized the same man was still sitting at table four, with the same full coffee cup.

"Need anything sir?" She was losing tips on him.

"Yes, but you will need to take a seat."

She really didn't have time to chat, but the man and his untouched coffee made her curious. She surveyed the room. Her tables were full but content. Maybe just for a moment.

"What do you need?"

Though it didn't have a face, the universe nodded with approval.

Good choice.


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