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She had a flicker of sadness as her ship pulled away from Lorentz Station.

She didn't pay it much mind though as the adventure ahead was far greater than anything she could have imagined: A posting on the USS Elena Pitjeva. It was the first Orion class ship and the talk around all the water coolers in the Collective of Galactic System.

From the moment she left dock her mind couldn't be bothered with anything but the oncoming adventures that this new position would provide her. Her last position was so boring. She had basically done glorified data entry for scientists with higher status. Now though, she was off to a big ship to be on a big team that would surely make some big discoveries. It was her dream. Making a contribution that mattered. That could make the galaxy a nicer, or at least more interesting, place to live.

She'dd always been driven by knowledge with an innate desire to know the unknown and that anything could be unknown drove her crazy.

She took a deep breath, then engaged lightspeed.


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Oh, I do love a bit of science fiction. Good tones here - I'm getting a lot of Star Trek, particularly with the nice nod to a present-day scientist - but there's a nice lightness from the nods to present-day things like the "USS" ship prefix and water cooler talk.

In the spirit of offering constructive criticism as well as praise, I feel that that first sentence wasn't as sharply focused as it could be. I read this several times before I understood that our protagonist is merely on the way to the USS Elena Pitjeva, and that she isn't at the controls of the bigger ship.

Secondly, and this is a mere technical consideration from one who really nitpicks about these things, it is unusual for a ship class not to be named after the lead ship - so if the first ship is the USS Elena Pitjeva the class would ordinarily be the Elena Pitjeva class. The Royal Navy does name its ship classes after categories, such as City-class ships which are named after cities, but that doesn't seem to be the case either.

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