This too shall pass.

Mornington found a syrette from his bag. He pressed lightly and drew a single shining bead of its contents; a light tap from his wand turned it into a dense white foam several times the size of the droplet that it had come from. Pushing the needle in under Beckton's application of pressure, he squeezed the syrette dry and checked the wizard's pulse.

"Critical but stable. Let's get him out of here."

Silvertown, under his instruction, disappeared inside the dugout and came back with a battered khaki stretcher which they rolled Newkirk onto as delicately as they could.

Mornington and Beckton were just arranging the poles of the stretcher to their liking when, quite without warning, the dugout gave a shrill buzzing noise. Moments later it faded from view, leaving no trace of its presence.

The medic patiently finished with his task, then pointed his wand at the now-undisturbed tiling. He sighed, put it away and stood up.

"Lost the link back to base. We need another way out."

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The syrette shown here is probably similar if not identical to the one depicted in "Zerberus" (#42034). In this case it seems unlikely that Mornington is using it for its primary purpose, though residual healing effects such as anti-inflammatory, anti-shock, analgesic and disinfectant properties are probably still present. Primarily, the foam is there to seal the wound, prevent blood clots from shifting and generally to stabilise the patient and prevent them from deteriorating further.

The principles of operation of Mornington's transport continue to be a mystery, but it seems he is not the source because whoever is powering the spell has lost contact with it. How and why is not stated.

Operatsiya Uran ("Operation Uranus") was a Soviet military operation that led to the encirclement of German units inside the city of Stalingrad. Operation Wintergewitter, referenced in the previous story "Wintergewitter" (#42167), was the German counterattack in response.

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