This too shall pass.

Beckton applied pressure to the wound through Newkirk's wadded-up coat, leaning in and using both hands. His attempts were met with no success, even after Silvertown joined him.

A noise came from behind, a rhythmic thump of boots against a wooden floor. Beckton twisted around, keeping one hand on Newkirk while the other fished for his dropped weapon -

In the centre of the room, a dugout had appeared. The steel-roofed construction had come complete with piled-up dirt reinforcements and wooden steps down to its sunken entrance. Up these steps came a man now, dressed in British Army khakis. He scanned left and right with a shouldered Sten gun, then slung it and jogged over at double time.

"Mornington. Admiralty sent me for extraction. How's the patient?"

Silvertown looked at Beckton expectantly; he shrugged and spoke.

"Poor. Entry wound left of the sternum. Bullet shattered the seventh rib. Bone fragments everywhere. Possible collapsed lung."

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The STEN (often spelled Sten) gun was a submachine gun used by British and Commonwealth countries during the Second World War. Compact, lightweight and cheap to produce, it was widely liked for its firepower.

Mornington Crescent is a station on the London Underground.

Operation Alphabet was a military evacuation in May 1940 of all remaining troops from Norway. The Allied Norwegian campaign had ended in defeat.

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