Pied Piper


This too shall pass.

Far away. In another room, in another place.

On a map table surrounded by officers and staff, a painted wooden figure that looked remarkably like Silvertown - down to the sparkle of her dress - took on a sudden lifelikeness. It waved for attention, spoke into the ear of the officer who leaned in to listen to it, then returned to immobility.

"Ellesmere! It's one of yours. Moritz is out and Yorck is down, but so is Newkirk. Silvertown requests immediate extraction."

"What have we got? Is Westlake on his feet yet?"

"No, sir. He's still in a critical condition. Admiralty might be able to do something."

Ellesmere considered for a few long moments, then turned aside to scrawl a note.

"Very good. Can you see to it?"

They exchanged salutes. As his subordinate departed with the note, Ellesmere turned back to the table and gave a sigh. It was a better result than he had expected, at least.

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For those who are uncertain - yes, this is the same room as depicted in "Castle Bravo" (#42005) and onwards. The wooden figures moved about on the map table are now revealed to be more than just markers. The mechanics of the communication used by Silvertown are not stated.

Westlake is first mentioned in "Desert Rock VI" (#42006) as having been in combat with Südkreuz in New York a short time previously, and is out of action. The extent of his injuries and the period of incapacitation is not stated.

Admiralty is a station on the Hong Kong fast transit network.

Operation Pied Piper was the name for the large-scale evacuation of civilians and children from the cities and densely-populated areas of the United Kingdom. It is, admittedly, slightly more on-the-nose than my usual choices.

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Inspired by (sequel to):

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