Talu's Escape


I like writing, but I'm not sure if I'm really any good at it yet.

Tap tap tap tap tap tap.

The pink girl darted across the rooftop, jumping gaps and dodging arrows, crystals, rocks, and all manner of magical projectiles.

"Talu, wait up!" The little weasel-like creature followed after her, much slower on its short little legs.

"Maybe you should just go faster!" Talu stopped, briefly darting back to grab the small animal, before taking off again, and then hopping down to hide on a different section of roof.

"Couldn't you have gotten yourself in less danger?" the weasel asked.

Talu stroked its head. "Not a chance, Naru! Someone had to try and do something, so why not me?"

"Because I don't want to die!"

"Don't be silly! They couldn't catch me if they tried!"

"You already failed what you came here for!"

"Ah, well yeah... but I'll just have to come back! Ah!" Talu dodged an arrow that she almost hadn't noticed, and took off running again.

"Let's get out of here!"

"Yeah, about time for that!" Talu leapt off the roof, and made a portal beneath her feet, sealing it behind her.


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Action-packed and adrenaline-filled. I love it.

I need a rest now.

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Yes, hello, I'd like to order a Netflix animated series about the adventures of Talu and Naru, please.

  • #4141 Posted 4 years ago
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Now if only I could convince Netflix to do that. I should write more for these guys, though.

  • #4142 Posted 4 years ago
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