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"You're afraid of me."

"Afraid? Afraid? No, I'm not afraid of you. I pity you. Pity that you sold the best parts of yourself for power. Pity that you lived eight more meaningless years. Pity that your family will never know what happened to you. My family... One way or another, they will know what happened to me. I'm not afraid of you, though. I never have been."

"That's a lie."

"It's not. There is very little that actually scares me. You are not apart of that."

"Too bad I'll be the reason you die."

"No, you won't."

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Robert Quick

Robert Quick

I definitely feel like I'm missing something that you know in your head. There is conflict and history here but I don't know it.

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Inspired by (prequel to):

Her family. Her friends. The reasons she hadn't given up yet. They'd all be hurt if she didn't succe…

  • Published 2 years ago.
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