Moving On


Hi, I'm Nora. I have an unhealthy obsession with magical girls. Most of my content is magical.

"Hero. Hope for us all."

Funny. She didn't feel much like one anymore. Nor did she have any hope for herself.

Not after everything she'd done.

"Not your fault."

But it was. Like a lie of omission, it was her fault for inaction.

"Uncontrollable. Dangerous. Lucky to have survived."

It was true. Eight years and she was all but useless against it.

Ping. A monster had arrived.

She wouldn't let this happen to anyone else.

Yes, if she had any motivation to get off her feet-- it was that.

The girl swiftly transformed, summoning her staff, killing the abomination quickly and brutally.

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I really like this! I have to track back to the first in this thread...

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